After effects plugin 3-3-6 doesn't work

After updating my plugin from 3-1-1 to 3-3-6, LottieFiles work window at AE doesn’t work, and totally empty.
AE. version 17.0.0
Does anyone have the same problem?


I’m also having a problem with the new update 3.3.6, its not converting my animations to json files or dotlottie.

also having same issue since update…

Same problem, my panel goes blank, can’t even see the comps… could it be a problem of using a old version of AE?

nopé the plugin dont work, update is broken :frowning:

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yes, I have the same problem too. can’t convert my animation to json files or dotlottie.

Same, was working fine last night then suddenly all I get is a blank window. I think this is related to After Effects not allowing Script to Write Files and Access Network even though the check mark is turned on. When I hit the About After Effect menu option the image that normally appears there is not displaying. That happening for anyone else?

Same here, cannot export to JSON or lottie files on my computer.
After Effect CC 2020

Anybody resolve this yet? :S

Not yet, no reponse from their end.

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I got my file to export by manually placing PNGs in the timeline instead of using an AE “PNG Sequence”.

Hello Everyone
Apologies for the delay. To those facing the issue after updating the latest plugin, can you uninstall the previous plugin and install the zxp file from this link WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

As for many other Lottie plug-in stopped working on the Windows 7 AE 2019 (16.1), but still was for me on the Windows 10 AE 2023 (23.3) and I thought Lottie stopped support of old versions of AE and Windows 7.

However, your version works fine for me on Windows 7. Thank you very very much!

Can you share more info with the community about what we should do if the same happens again?

In case anyone needs it:
You can also extract that .zxp file and put it in below directory and it will appear in AE: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions

Put the extracted content in a folder.

You can extract using 7zip etc.

need to update at least 2022 ver. ,I was using 2019 one and got lots of frustration

hey can anyone share the old zxp file again? the above WeTransfer link has expired. Thanks a ton