My animation isn't showing when pulled into mobile design

Folks- I’ve created a simple 2 second animation to be displayed after a mobile app is loaded and about to launch. All of the elements but the svg logo in it were created in After Effects and i’ve been careful to only use behaviors and styles that are listed as supported by the lottie documentation. I’ve run thru all of the tutorials i can find regarding exporting using the BodyMovin’ extension for AE but the json file created won’t display in the mobile app even though:

  • Animations pulled from the lottie images site work perfectly
  • the animation tests/plays fine in the online preview mode
  • I’ve followed all of the documented steps to:

Create it:
built it in After effects
-created all but the logo within AE
-imported the logo as an adobe illustrator pdf
-only used scale, proportion, placement and opacity (all supported)

Export it
-settings in AE are all configured according to documentation (allow scripts)
-settings in BodyMovin’ are all correct
-the file previews perfectly on the lottie site

The file just doesn’t show up in the mobile app when loaded. Am I missing a step in the export process?

Any help would be great.

Have you tried it using LottieFiles for After Effects? -->
Maybe that might work

Thanks for the suggestion, this extension works a lot better than the body movin’ one but still no luck.

Hmmm, it’s a bit tough to know what could be causing it without seeing the animation and what it’s made up of. Maybe eliminate the possibility that it could be the app on that particular mobile that’s not working, and then try testing it via another mobile device if you’re able to.