Unable to use lottie file when coded, it is breaking again and again

I’m having a problem with the animation I created in After Effects.
I saved it to Lottie’s files. It works fine on my laptop, but when I look at it on my phone/app, it is broken.

These are the links to my file:

  1. https://lottiefiles.com/share/itribaom
  2. https://lottiefiles.com/share/qcb2rhrq

I am unable to discover if the files is too big or there is some error in the after effect file.

These are the warning when coded:

So both “work” on my mobile device (IOS) but the coin is extremely laggy. I would rebuild that one.

Also check those agains the supported features for lottie/devices. It looks like your animations are using some of those unsupported features.

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