Microsoft Store windows App error

I have a problem after installing LottieFiles software from Microsoft store for windows 10.
When i open an application. this error appears and does not run it.
(screenshot attached)

You’re installing for AE? Did you go to the AE settings and enable this checkbox?

After following your instruction, my problem still not resolved.

What version of AE and what is the language setting?

I am currently using AE version with the “English International” language setting. However, I think that Lottie editor may not necessarily rely on After Effects to run.

When I first installed the Lottie editor from the Microsoft Windows Store, I was prompted to login. After clicking on the login button, a pop-up appeared on Microsoft Edge for me to sign in. However, I am still receiving an error message every time I open the Lottie editor, despite having signed in.

Just to clarify, I am not a professional graphic designer. I am a student who is interested in learning Lottie Animation Creation and After Effects. Please feel free to answer my questions at your own pace, without any urgency. Thank you!

Ohhh this makes way more sense about what you’re doing. Yeah I think that your best approach is to install AE and the Lottie Export plugin for that. I don’t use that editor myself and working with an AE file will give you a more robust experience.

Know i will install the After Effect plugin.
Thank you very much for your help.
(Know you can close this ticket)

Oh I can’t close anything, just an open forum :slight_smile:

Absolutely! Wishing you all the best.