Why Lottie creator for windows 11 is not compatible?

Why Lottie creator for windows 11 is not compatible?

Hey @lefteristrompakas
Could you share with us more details regarding this? Appreciate it if you can provide us with screenshots of the issue.

Adobe cloud tells me that LottieFiles for After Effects is not available

That is definitely an interesting case. Could you help us to drop an email to our Support team at Support@lottiefiles.com with the following details ;

  1. The After Effects version you’re using.
  2. Have you installed the plugin before or this is your first time?
  3. Language of the os

If you mean what is in the Microsoft store then yes

How make Lottie animations without LottieFiles plugin for Adobe After Effect

Please answer me :disappointed_relieved:!!!

Hi @lefteristrompakas
May I know what is the version of your Adobe After Effects? Can you please email support@lottiefiles.com so Support team can keep track of this issue. Thank you!

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I found the solution and the mistake was on my part

Hi, i installed After Effects 22.2 and Lot file is not compatible yet, how is possible ?

Hi @lefteristrompakas mind to share what’s the issue and how did you manage to get it fixed? This would be helpful for other users who might face the same situation. Thank you :slight_smile: