Mandatory update 3.4.5 not working

I cant export my animation, all the elements are shape layers even though I couldn’t export my animation.
I’m using AE 2023 and Lottie 3.4.5

I am also facing the same problem, have you got any solution?

yes I hope it will be fixed soon because I can’t render any animations anymore…

@gowrishankar @davidjolsen @jose1
Can you help to raise this to our support team
We will need the AEP file to investigate.

Hey folks,

We’re investigating the issue, and in the meantime disabled the mandatory update to 3.4.5. You can now download the old version from here:

I’m facing the same issue. I’ve been using the same After Effects file (2023 v23.1.0) to create short Lottie Animations, and this morning I tried exporting out an old one that had previously worked, but when it renders, the LottiePlayer glitches and my animations break.