LottieFiles AE Plugin requires sign in for each render

Hi all! I’m currently rendering a large number of Lottie files for testing, over the last 4 days the plugin has worked fine.

Suddenly, halfway through today the plugin requires me to sign in every time I start up After Effects. I can render a file once but every subsequent attempt to render the plugin gets stuck on “Rendering”, and after restarting AE the Sign In screen appears. This would be marginally less frustrating if even the plugin could throw me the Sign In screen without me having to restart AE.

Could this be an issue with the LottieFiles website/sign sign in process? So far I’ve tried:

  • Purging After Effects
  • Restarting After Effects
  • Restarting my machine
  • Reinstalling the LottieFiles plugin (via both ZXP Installer and CC Marketplace)

In the meantime I’ll use Bodymovin.
I’m about to submit a support request, but has this happened to anyone else before? Thanks!