Lottie vs After Effects Expression

Hello, is the any way we can get AE expression to work in Lottie? I am curious if there’s any development or future plans on this.

hey, not sure if it’s your question, but you have already a box to check in bodymoving’s options to export ae expressions

Also you can right click an expression and covert it to keyframes

Basically I linked a colour property in Comp A > Layer A to another colour property in Comp B > Layer B using a simple expression, so that every time I change the colour of Layer B, Layer A will change its colour too. It works fine in AE.

But when I export it to JSON using Bodymovin, and eventually use it for my app (by the way I am using Flutter to build my app), I need to change the colour dynamically too. Sadly the expression between layer A and B isn’t working anymore. I am wondering if there’s a work around for this. Any idea?

Not exactly what I want to do. I am wondering if there’s any workaround so that we can use AE’s expression in Lottie without converting it to keyframes.

@surya would this video help? It pretty much covers what you’re talking about maybe it can be hacked around for Flutter

Appreciate your help. but unfortunately it doesn’t work for my purpose because I need it for mobile app.

Seems like expressions don’t work only for iOS and Android.

Curious if there will be development on this in the future.