Can we export AE expression using lottie files


I have used a " loop out " expression in my animation, and when i tried to export it says " unable to execute script at line 18. syntax error lottie ". When i view it on my mobile only the key frame part of it is getting animated and not the expression part of it. Is lottie supposed to not export AE expressions?

Thank you

@abhiraj.lucky You should be able to do that… at least from what I’ve done in the past I’ve been able to.

It’s also possible to convert expressions to keyframes, then export. It doesn’t always work with really complex expressions.

In after effects:

  1. Select the Layer
  2. press EE to show all expressions on that layer
  3. select each property you want to convert
  4. go to Animation > Keyframe Assistant > Convert Expressions to Keyframes

Thank you for the tip @irbypace, but i am still getting the same issue. Please let me know how to fix " unable to execute script at line 2. syntax error lottie .

Can you send a screenshot of your code? You can also send me (email) the file and I can diagnose.

Thanks a lot for the help @irbypace, but it working okay now after a restarting PC, I have just started learning Lottie, seems the community very good to learn :slightly_smiling_face:. Will get back if i face the issues.


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That is great to hear and good luck!