Preview in Bodymovin

I have made an animation using CC Particle World effect. I rendered it out using Bodymovin. When I do a preview of the my pc on, it shows blacck screen. Can anyone knew the enigma? Thx

Lottie wont work with special effects like that. It’ll need to be shapes, vectors, etc.

Thank you for the answer!

Hi there! But I still do not know how I must used the effects from AE to work in Lottie. Thx!

Yeah, lottie doesn’t work with any programed effects in AE. For example, you can’t use the Wave Effect from the Effects & Presets and export an animation of a flag waving. But you can write JavaScripting animation and it will work for a flag waving (again just an example).

For something with particles world, or simulated rain you’ll have to export it as a video and upload to your website, etc. You can also try to extract a PNG sequence with Alpha channels (if needed) and upload to a website such as this to make a PNG sequence into a an animate PNG:

Thank you very much!!!
I try to make a confetti animation (with CC parlicle world) and after, I render with bodymovin (to result json - I need a very small file to use in an mobile aplication). It works if I export movie but result a very big file.

Sounds like, to me, that you’ll want to animate it all with shape layers in AE. Good luck.

THX!! Seem likes that I must do in this unique,one way.