Lottie Animation Export Problem

I have done some animation using the mask option in After Effects. But while exporting or in output, masked animation is not visible. I don’t understand why this happening. I have checked all settings and also converted the animation into shape but still not working. Need help with this.

Did you use Track Mat or did you do it on the layer itself?

Yes, I used track mat.

That’s been very problematic with lottie at the moment, you’ll have to use the normal way of using Alpha Mat layers at the moment.

I am using AE 2023 right now. In the mode option, I have selected Add Alpha but still not working.

Is there any other option to execute that Lottie?

Can you share a screenshot of your setup, with the effects panel open too, and layers visible?

And this happening while exporting Lottie. on right is render

Thanks for sending back. Now, what I can see happening here is that you have a whole lot of layers with the Alpha mat turned on, but no mask above each of those layers to reference. For example since you’re using the circle for the mat as reference you’ll want to duplicate that layer and place it over each of the layers with the masking turned on.

One thing to note, it looks like you brought in every element of the face (mouth, nose, eyes, scarf, etc.) as individual layers but you could bring those all in as one layer to help organize and reduce layers.

Also, have you considered converting the AI layers into Shape Layers?

Okay, I will definitely try like you said “different mask to different layers”.
And yes, I have done that step of converting to Shapes Layers.