From Freepick to Lottie Market place, is that legale?

I was wondering is that legale to find a vector illustration on Free pick, animate this illustration and sell it through the Lottie marketplace?

I’ve been using a free animation made from an illustration available on Freepick [Link here]

But now it’s not free anymore, it’s on the [LottieMarkeketPlace].

I’ve explicitly selected this animation because I knew it has come from FreePick and I’ve minded that will make this asset kinda free for everyone to use.
By the way, I really like the works of Irfan Munawar.

Any assets used from Freepik must be used within the terms and conditions set by Freepik.

I know that Freepik’s policies definitely do not allow for the resale of their assets. Their terms of use states:

The User may use the content in the Freepik Content provided that it:
Does not resell, assign, transfer or sublicense the content in the Freepik Content or any derived work from a content in the Freepik Content

This means that no one should be taking assets from Freepik, animating them, and then be putting them up for sale on the LottieFiles Marketplace.

If a user on LottieFiles uploads any Freepik assets used to create free public Lottie animations, first and foremost they must make sure they are complying with the terms and conditions of that Freepik asset, AND they should make sure there is credit given to Freepik and that it is linked to in animation’s description.

Hope this helps offer some clarity :smiley: I would definitely recommend reading up on Freepik’s terms of use, I find it helped me understand it much better.

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Hello May,

Giving credit in the comment or description fields on will not comply with Freepik’s policies which states that accreditation should be displayed where the graphics are used ie the users’ website/app… where the Lottie is running. So IMO the credit should be included in the animation itself, if a user removes it, it’s their problem.

So in the case of hosting the design on, the uploader should give accreditation to Freepik in the description there so that anyone who wants to then go on to use the design can also accredit Freepik. Just because there’s a Freepik accreditation in the description on our site, this does not absolve anyone who uses that Lottie from also needing to credit Freepik.

And yes like you said, if someone then chooses to remove that accreditation when you use that animation then it is on them and they are breaching Freepik’s terms of use. Naturally, this does get tricky if the uploader doesn’t credit Freepik because then those who download that Lottie might not know that is derived from a Freepik design.

Thankfully LottieFiles is also in communication with members of the Freepik team which has been helpful :slight_smile: