Question about copyright

Hi there,

I am new to lottiefiles and have the following situation:

I just bought 2 lottie animations from iconsX and after that I saw that they are in your marketplace from Nate Fischer for free. So I downloaded a 3rd one from here. Now I wonder who is the author and do I get license / copyright problems when I use the iconsX or when I use the Nate Fischer???

If you saw a Marketplace animation on LottieFiles for free then someone has probably broken the rules and uploaded it pretending it’s theirs. That’s plagiarism. The copyright and licence belongs to the original seller who owns that animation and sells it on the Marketplace (in this case that would be Icon X). So if you’re using it but didn’t buy it from Icon X, I’d imagine you could get in trouble for that.

Hi Mayli,
many thanks for the info.
That is the Question. Where can I see who the Original Owner is.
IconsX has no info on Lottiefiles while Nate Fischer made some.
What if she/he is the original Owner?
Where can I see that?

From what I can see on LottieFiles, the user Nate Fischer has taken Icon X’s animations and is claiming them for their own. They are definitely not the owner as you can see Icon X’s here (… Icon X also sell their animations on other sites. So in this case the original owner is Icon X, so for attribution you would state that these animations are by Icon X if you bought them.

If you didn’t buy them from Icon X I would avoid using these to be honest.

Hi Mayli,
many thanks again for the info.
On the iconsX Page I can’t see any Copyright Info - that’s what iritated me…
The fact that IconsX has more Lotties and offers them also on other pages is not the evidence that she/he is the original creator - isn’t it :wink:
I bought the Lotties from IconsX but then I saw the free one’s and thought somethings wrong here… I thought the Marketplace is watching for such things but it seems not.
Many thanks again and have a great time!

Ah yes, I see why the dilemma, you’re definitely right, it could be clearer. I know that sellers on the LottieFiles Marketplace are typically vetted manually by LottieFiles, this is the LottieFiles Terms of Sale which maybe sheds light on what purchasing an animation on LottieFiles can entail (not sure if this is of any use of not but just in case it might be) :slight_smile:

Anyhoo, best of luck!