Integrated with my web service

This question is basically the same as #2661.


Hope all is well. I’m a web developer from South Korea, and I’m trying to make a web application similar to Canva. I want to develop a feature in which the user can apply simple animations on the image/video they upload to my software, so they can upload the resulting video to platforms such as YouTube. I’m interested in using free animations from LottieFiles, but I have few questions regarding the license.

Is my application allowed to use free animations distributed by LottieFiles under the Lottie Simple License to:

  • show the free animations to the users
  • enable the users to choose the animation
  • enable the users to apply the animation on top of their image/video
  • enable the users to export the resulting video and upload to YouTube or other similar platforms

I’m only interested in using those under the Lottie Simple License and nothing else.

I came across this forum discussion #2661 which is exactly what I would like to do on my application.

I look forward to hearing back. Answering the above forum discussion would also work.

Thank you for your time and providing this amazing service.

Hey @sungmann.cho

The answer to all of your questions would be a YES! :slight_smile:

Under Lottie Simple License, you have the following terms below ;

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of the public animation files available for download at the LottieFiles site (“Files”) to download, reproduce, modify, publish, distribute, publicly display, and publicly digitally perform such Files , including for commercial purposes, provided that any display, publication, performance, or distribution of Files must contain (and be subject to) the same terms and conditions of this license.