Does anyone use Extrudalizer?

The plugin itself works fine for me but Lottie rendering stucks on 100% and nothing then happens.

Windows 10, AE 2024, Lottie v3.4.5
Windows 7, AE 2019, Lottie v3.4.5

Any thoughts?

Currently I haven’t given this a chance because I don’t have a computer after being laid off but when I get the chance I can test for you, but I would be on a MAC. I wonder if theres a compatibility issue between MAC and PC with it?

there shouldn’t be any compatibility issues

Hi @vd.oldfriend

I am one of the developers of Extrudalizer, and I 'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Specifically about the rendering issue - at this time I am continuing to work with the Lottiefiles team to update the Lottie extensions for AE to make sure it works with extrudalizer - but you can use Bodymovin plugin and it will export a lottie without any issues. Also please bear in mind that if you need to use the advanced raster artwork mapping features of extrudalizer you likewise have to use the bodymovin player 5.12 and up - Lottiefiles devs are working on implementing the features in the near future.

If you have any specific questions about Extrudalizer, its usage, implementation and so on - you can go to the Extrudalizer support discord server - Keyframers Club

hope this helps!

IVG Design

Hello, @Ilya

Thank you for the answer. I wrote this post with the text that Bodymovin doesn’t render extruded shapes either. But in the “Expressions options” I set “Convert expressions to keyframes” and was able to render. Hope the same with be available in Lottie plugin too.