Animated SVG to Animated LottieJson

I was creating some simple vector animations for personal use.
I created all assets in Adobe Illustrator and animated it through the web app SvGator (Seeing that the Adobe AfterEffects Lottie Plugin doesn’t work).
I was able to create the Animated SVG as I wished, and I simply wanted to convert it into a Animated SVG but the same just did not work.

I’d like to know either how to actually convert the already animated SVG to an animated Lottie using the Lottie web services or at least get to know good alternatives.

Thanks in advance.

But the Lottie After Effects Plugin is working…

Oh, it is?
Would you mind instruct me on how to get it working?
I’ve tried most fixes I found(Yes, even the preferences setting) but i just doesn’t show anything in my AE. And it even freezes the software for a tad bit.

I am using the latest version of AE and tried to both install the plugin via Creative Cloud and the manual installation method with Anastasyis Extention Manager.

You did the ZXP installer? Did you try to install BodyMovin? It is similar and the JSON you export can be loaded into the Lottie Website.

For the install of Lottie, I would remove all instances of it and download a fresh install. I prefer the ZXP install, but the Adobe Exchange is what I just did recently.

All I had to do to make it work was to load a new document, set the settings to allow scripts to write files, animate, export, and done.

Now, about 2 months ago the forced update did break the plugin, but the latest install works great and is what I am using.

But I would start with a full uninstall of After Effects and clearing the Lottie install you have. Then starting fresh.

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Hey, thanks for the tips!

I did reinstal AE as you sugested and this time it at least opened the Lottie plugin window, but it didnt quite work properly, it does not show any of my comps, ive tried many different ones but just aint doing it.

I tried installing BodyMovin and it worked flawlessly. I was able to load the animation i had ready and export it as Json. Then, again as you suggested, i used the web editor from Lottie to make some adjustments and export the proper file.

Thank you so much for the help!

That’s weird, I can send you the plugin link that worked for me when Lottie and I were troubleshooting the same problem you are having:

This one worked for me till their update.

That is amazing though! I keep BodyMovin installed as a backup for that very reason!

Totally. Reach out anytime!