Not able to use lottie animations


I am not able to use direct public link of lottie in my projects as earlier. Will share some example of both the links below.

Link which are working fine:


Link which aren’t working as expected


Plus now I am not to see the urls like assets7.lottiefiles…
Now I can only use lottie using a script tag instead of adding json url to the image src tag

Need to resolve this
Thanks in advance

Could you please give us more context, where and how do you implement the animation?

I tried this link and it seems to work fine…

i m finding difficulties to get the url asset link ,

@Alaa to generate the URL, please follow the below steps;

  1. Save the animation to your preferred workspace.
  2. Once done, it will redirect you to the animation
  3. Enable the asset link
  4. You will be able to get your code.