Export as animated SVG

I’ve created an animated logo in AE and then with Bodymovin’ exported a JSON file and loaded into Lottie with the expectation of being able to export it as an animated SVG to give to a web developer.

The developer is set on an animated SVG and I’m confused at how this is possible, if it is? as when I go to export in Lottie it only allows options for .json or .lottie

neither option being the SVG i’m looking for.

Can anyone help here please?

What is the CMS? Webflow or Wordpress? They should be able to add a plugin for Lottie and be able to directly place the JSON file in.

You can not export JSON (Lottiefile) file as animated SVG because all animation or transitions are handled by JS library Lottiefile on user side

Webflow: Just upload JSON (Lottiefile) file and tweak some functions that’s it. You can find tutorials about Lottiefile on Webflow University

WordPress: Find extension or plugin which handles Lottiefile animation.

Or find a Chrome extension which exports SVG with animation. If you’re using Microsoft Edge then all Chrome extension works. I am not sure you’ll find one such extension