Alpha Inverted Matte blurry edges

Hello! I’ve made icon animation with AE using alpha inverted matte but on iOS i get blurry edges where my mask is. It looks correct in WEB and Android as well as the not inverted Alpha Matte. I have no compositions, only 2 shapes masking. What could be the reason? I’ve read a lot of cases at forum but none of them gives a solution, so it seems that the problem lasts for more then 2 years without any changes. Thanks for any help

Would you mind showing me the setup in AE?

Hello, it’s just 2 shape layers

What is your composition size?

Composition is 24x24px

Ah, so yeah that’s the problem. I would start with about 2000x2000 pixels to make sure it’s sharp when it renders :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion! Will try soon. But won’t this problem appear again when i downscale the icon back to the native 24x24 size? Cause it’s the original size that our app is using

It wont it’ll be sharp and correct. I’ve created a lot of icons for our website that needed to fit a container of 48x48 and I built them at 4K resolution and they scaled down as intended :slight_smile:

Unless the Alpha Matte isn’t compatible (of course)