Lottie Exported from After Effects is blurry on the website, though it looks great in the AE visualizer

my co-worker made a bunch of cool animations in AE. He’s using Illustrator for the assets. Everything looks great in AE, but once exported to LottieFiles, it’s all blurry.

The hunch is this, but I could be wrong: the artboards in Illustrator are small, like 200x200 or so for most of them, and despite using continuous raster in AE, the exported file is improperly upscaling the source vector.

The canvas in After Effect is 1200x800. Everything looks really good in AE!

After exporting to LottieFiles, it’s all blurry, especially text.

Simply sizing up the source asset in AI doesn’t work because all the assets in AE have transforms applied to them.

Do we need to go back and resize all the assets in Illustrator, and then adjust all the transforms in AE? Or is there something we are overlooking? We looked through the LottieFiles AE plugin for ways to scale exports and things like that but nothing really seemed to be appropriate.


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Hi @Keegan_Leary

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

To understand the issue better, could you please send an email to support@lottiefiles.com and include the following details:

  • Version of Adobe After Effects you are using
  • Version of the LottieFiles plugin
  • The .aep file related to the issue
  • Your operating system (OS) version

I have the exactly the same issue as described. Interestingly, some of the assets (which have been exported exactly the same way as others) are crisp clear, others are blurry.

@Keegan_Leary, did you get any help and do you have a hint?


I was struggling with this also today. The Lottie animation was blurry though it looked crisp on After Effects. My solution (by accident) was that I created shapes from vector (illustrator) layers. After that everything in Lottie animation worked fine and sharp.
Hope this helps. @Keegan_Leary

You must ensure Illustrator assets are appropriately sized and consider adjustments in AE for clarity in LottieFiles export. Explore LottieFiles plugin for scaling options.