Design from AE contains errors after rendering

Hello everyone!
So, I designed a composition in After Effects without any of the listed features that are not available with the Lottiefiles Plugin.
I used a Contour-Shape, that I timmed with Trim paths which works perfectly in After Effects. But when I render the composition in the PlugIn it’s like there is a square, that trims the shape as well on a wrong place… It’s difficult to explain so here is a Screenshot:

This is how it’s rendered. It’s a G that builds up. When the trim-part is over the G shows correctly.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

Is the “G” in a separate COMP? Is that comp maybe cropped wrong? Or do you have a mask on the layer that you’re not seeing?

The only mask I am using is at the bottom of the G (not moving) and it is not in another comp… Above it there is as well enough space.

I just can’t find the mistake.

Can we see your layer setup/comp layout? I can also diagnose if you want to share the AE file with me via email.