AE path glitches when exported

My animation glitches when exported from AE The original file in AE is smooth.
Is there a tip or trick I could use. Thank you in advance…

Did you add any additional effects that aren’t supported? Also, did you move the lines with path animation or with something else?

Thank you irbypace perhaps I have an effect which is not supported. I have referred to the Lottie File quick reference chart but nothing jumps out. I have attached an image of the composition. Thank you

I find interpolation between keyframes can act strange. In the past, I’ve broken the project out to individual layers per frame, therefore removing any interpolation between keyframes. It’s a little labor intensive but worked in the past as a workaround.

I’m going to bet it has something to do with the lines being precomposed. Try to keep everything in the main comp without PC if you can.