Lottie Preview glitches my trim-paths animation! Please Help

So I have this problem for like weeks, have tried of every solution from Google and YouTube but didn’t came across any solution that would worked for me. The problem is, I have two circles in strokes and I wanted to display them as infographics with the help of trim-paths, but it is not showing the result I want, when ever I render it to preview it in lottie, it glitches. When I preview it in After Effects it’s so smooth and everything is fine but when I render it through lottie the numbers start to glitch (number goes back to “0” then to a random number then again to “0”). The circles animate so quite well even in lotte I can see them moving smoothly but the problem is with numbers and I don’t know what to do. I have a deadline from my client that I have to meet and Iam stuck in this part. Only this part is making me late.
Please help me.

You should post a link to the project file IMO, so people can have a look at it.

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@laminar.animation We’d need to see an example as @design mentioned.

I’m not sure this will help, but I did a similar info graphic with a circle and percentages of the circle as it filled in. What I found out was you need to have a text field off the stage or hidden on export that includes numbers 0 through 9 so when you export as a Lottie it creates glyphs for each number. Let me know if that helps. It worked for me.