I am unable to render my files. It just keeps on rendering forever

Have uninstalled and re-installed Lottie, After effects, there are no AI layers in my file at all. The duration of my files is around 15-30 seconds. While I was able to render some files of around 30 seconds with a lot of layers but 12-second files won’t render at times at all. Sharing a reference file as well. File link

I’ve the same issue, did you manage to solve it?

Same here, it worked fine until yesterday… Already updated the plugin but it still doesn’t render. It exports a broken animation as a JSON.

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Does your animation has any images or unsupported features? you can check the supported features here: Lottie Supported Features

Same thing is happening to me, I’m a new user.

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I have just made it work, instead of getting the plugin from Adobe Cloud, I’ve downloaded the zxp file and works like a charm.

Hope it helps