Why is my AE anim exporting a Json with PNGs rather than vectors?

Hi All,

My second time using Lottie AE exporter so this might be me being thick.

I’m doing a simple animation of a logo in AE. A basic reveal of the logo letters where I’ve setup a Illustrator file of the logo with each letter on a separate layer then imported to AE. And then animated each letter appearing from behind the first letter using an Alpha track mask. So you dont see the letters through the first letter, they come from behind.

This works ok in preview in AE but on export to Lottie the letters become jaggy and pixelated. On scanning through the source of the Json the vector letters have been converted to PNGs.

Is the track matt causing the issue? How can I get this to export sweet clean vector letters and not bumpy rasterised ones?


I would open the COMP with the Ai Layers and select them all (Command + A or Control +A) and right click Create > Shape Layers from Vector Layer

Then do the animation with the shape layers. This will reduce the file size of the JSON, but it will also produce the sharp high end graphics you’re seeking. The PNG / Vector thing will be a major hang up for you in those regards.

Please let me know if you need any help.