JSON of PNG sequence is exporting as blank (AfterEffects)

I have an animation in AfterEffects that is a sequence of clear background PNG images (45 files @ 131kb each).
When I go to export the animation as a JSON file using LottieFiles, the resulting file is blank with no data in it. The preview of the exported animation is also empty.
Some points to note:

  • I HAVE made sure that I have “Include Assets In JSON” selected in settings.
  • I have made sure that “Allow Scripts to Write Files” is turned on in Preferences.
  • My AfterEffects is Version 18.4.1
  • My LottieFiles plugin is Version 3.0.2
    I’ve reached out to several sources for help, and everyone is baffled by this! Is there anybody on here who has encountered a similar problem, and if so, what was the solution?
    Please Help!
    Thank you!
  • Matt
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Did you ever solve this problem? I have all my settings set the same way as you described above, and I am having the same issue.

@eleanor.bailey what version are you on with the plugin?

having the exact same issue. Tried with Bodymovin AND Lottiefiles with no luck. Tried updating versions too. Extremely frustrating