Discord Stickers and Rasterized Graphics Error

Discord Lottie stickers cannot have rasterized graphics within them, so instead of in photoshop, I make an image in Adobe Illustrator and save them as vector images. When I import it to After Effects, the ‘continuously rasterize’ button doesn’t seem to do anything, and discord STILL thinks it contains a PNG or JPG. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Thank you in advance.

Shouldn’t you just export the graphics through the lottie plugin and then upload the JSON file to discord?

That’s what I do. But Discord gives me an error saying “Lottie’s cannot contain rasterized images such as PNG or JPG” - despite the JSON not containing either.

Oh, when you’re in After Effects you’ll need to convert the layers to shape layers and that should eliminate that problem. However, that won’t work for JPG files, so whatever the JPGs are (portrait for example) wont convert.

Oh wow I will try that, thank you so much!

Totally. And share screenshots if you need help too.

Interesting, I get this error

Each letter is a different .ai, im just trying to have them come in and meet together in the middle.

When you imported did you have them as individual layers in Ai?

In Ai, are they outlined with strokes or just fills?

No strokes, just fills.

I’m not sure about the layers in Ai, I just selected the text tool, typed the letter, chose the font, and saved the ai.

If that’s all you’re doing then I would just use the type tool in After Effects.

When I do that, the animation doesn’t show up in discord

You created the type in After Effects? Did you still convert it to a shape in AE?