Using Rubber Hose's RubberRig with Bodymovin

Hi there. I’ve created character animations using Rubber Hose’s RubberRig in AE. When I export the JSON file, the RubberRig animation is not included. Is there a way to export JSON files through Bodymovin that include RubberRig animations?


Hi @groundwork6.

Check if you add on exportation settings the guide layers. When we works with this type of plugin we have to add it on our settings. Sometimes we can have some bugs when we try to use it in mobile animations.

Hello, has anyone resolved this?
I’m having the same issues:
glitchy movements
disappearing hose (lol)

Glitchy movements can be the frame rate so I’ve increased to 30fps but I’m still getting the issue.
For the disappearing hose I’m baking the layer but it’s still vanishing in the desktop preview, but not online.

Any help would be amazing. Even if it’s “use duik”

Did you try the Bodymovin plugin? I wonder if it would export the assets and hidden guide layers.

ta for the reply, yeah I’m on that and have tried that, still disappears

And everything that is missing is a shape layer?

yeah the hose.
I’ve auto traced the layer now and that seems to work as a fix, but it’s another process on top.

It’s the fact that lottie doesnt support polystar shapes -which is the main drive for rubberhose- for windows, which is where I was previewing it

Hello every one , i am trying to export animation from after effects using bodymovin plugin . My animation has all the shape layers expect hose layers i used to make the walk cycle. after exposting i am having issue with the final version please let me know whats the issue here

exporting settings: guides (checked), hidden (checked)

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