"Glitch" in rubberhose lottie animation

I created this animation of my avatar with rubberhose2 and it looks fine in AE but every time I export it as a .json to put it on my website it does this weird glitch.


I’ve redone the front arm multiple times now. At first I had a version with autoflop
and thought that this might cause the issue but now I’ve done multiple versions without autoflop and the problem persists. Any suggestions?

The keyframes are baked!

Is it creating an expression for the animation? If so, try right clicking the Expression and converting it to Keyframes and see if that helps.

Also, try exporting it where it’s not Pre-Composed (i.e. a full layered version)

It does do the same thing when exporting the non pre-composed (I hadn’t tried that though!). I converted all the expressions but now it won’t render with bodymovin at all haha It just gets stuck :sweat_smile:

One thing to consider is that it’s just happening at that one joint, so I would think that maybe the anchor point or the “parenting” is off. I noticed that at two points it happens, and I would look at the alignment at those points.

In the screen shot you can see that the hand is flipped.

Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 7.49.35 AM