Tips for making imperfect 'vintage' lines and shapes in Lottie

Hello Lottie Files community!

I am comfortable with After Effects, but a Lottie/Bodymovin novice. I’m wondering if anyone here might be able to help me with a particular challenge I am facing. I am looking to make Lottie animations that have an ‘old-style’ vintage/antique look to them like the lines below. The slight imperfections in the line stroke is what I am after. Does anyone have any advice on how I might be able to achieve this effect in After Effects and have it also work as a Lottie animation?

Many thanks for any help or suggestions.

Hello, @timesofsand

As I can see your image in particular was made probably in Photoshop by removing the white background, so, as for me, no sense in reinventing the wheel by creating such an image in After Effects especially since Lottie doesn’t support effect yet.

Another question if you want to produce Lottie - you can just include an image to the json file.