AE : a way to bypass effects that are not supported?

As lottie doesn’t support After Effects effects, my render is really different between AE and Lottie. I’m looking for a way to convert it to be working.

I have a shape with strokes and these strokes have the “warp” effect that is included in stroke settings. How can I transform it to something “vectorized” to keep it working on Lottie?

Are you planning to use it on a website ?

Of course that’s why I use Lottie haha

Export via bodymovin (it’ll convert most/if not all animation to Javascript), but it won’t be able to be hosted on Lottie

But those effects (warp on strokes) aren’t exported, event with bodymovin

PNG Sequence or GIF might be your best bet. However, you could just manually adjust the strokes paths.