There's a slight empty space n the botttom of my animation

I need to have the animation touch/land over the bottom of the composition but there’s always a cropped/empty space that cuts the border. Is there any way to fix that? All other edges seem to work except for this one.

@dbarbosagomez is there any chance you could share a link to it?

Sure. Here’s the animation

It’s just a series of AI files in sequence and fading one into the other. There’s a gap on the bottom I can’t remove, all other borders work fine but that one doesn’t and I need it to land on the bottom so it can be placed on a landing page.

Hey @dbarbosagomez I’m not seeing the gap on my end, when I download and upload the gif the edge is cut right at the edge of the characters (see screenshots). Red and Blue edges are right inline with your characters.

I might be missing something :confused:

Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 2.33.33 PM

Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 2.33.43 PM