Empty pixels when watching animation into Lottiefiles (AE)

Hi everyone!!! Back to animation and trying Lottie, which is greaaaaaaatttt… though facing an issue already…

when watching my animation with the LottieFiles plugin I can see that there is pixels below the button when the purple shape should fit the whole size…Th enaimtoin is quite small actually 215x40 pixels… any idea??Screenshot 2020-12-03 at 19.11.46

I have run into this when I use different comps. Sometimes the size of the comp is not the same size as the main one where I see everything running together. Its not until I process the animation thru Lottie that any noticeable clipping occurs (usually my case, not the opposite).

Hi Carolyn and thank you for your help… I checked and tried again but I have still the same white clipping on the bottom of the screen when looking at the Lottie preview window.

Composition is 400px x 100px,red rectangle is the same size without border… I don’r know what I missed ahere…

Hmmm, you’ve got some stroke widths and things going on. Have you tried taking them down to 0? Also the rectangle path width says 440, though I don’t think that is the problem (unless your comp size is 400, in which case, make them the same and see if that helps).

Ok, I think I figured it out. Its Just the Lottie preview. I recreated it and saw the same thing. but then I pushed it to Lottie and then got the QR code and viewed it on my phone via the app. If you tap the border button, you will see a border around exactly your rounded rectangle, no weird padding on the bottom.


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Hey Carolyn,

Well done!!! it does work indeed!!! thanks for the quick help :+1: :+1: :+1: