Space around the Lottie animation

Hello one of our designers has a problem exporting a lottie animation correctly from AE.
The file always has way to much space around it.

is there any setting that he missed? Or anything that we might overlook?

![box around 2|690x470](upload://wABT0bC7MOQHaeoW2J73oRFvJSA.png

The picture is our animaton that has so much space around the red block, we less space, ideally only the red block itself.

please help :D:D

thanks so much for your time!

So, what I do is make sure that I am exporting my lottie animation in the right aspect ratio or pixel depth needed to ensure it fits into the design as originally needed.

For example, I work in 4k for longevity of the file but I need to give my web designer an 800x600 animation. Here’s the numbers:

4K Master File: 3840 x 2160
800x600 Crop: 2880 x 2160

So I make a duplicate of the main comp and crop it to 2880x2160 which will be an 800x600 aspect ratio (using aspect ratio wrong here, but trying to get the point across)