Swivel effect in After effects

Hi. I did a swivel (rotate) animation on a text layer in after effects. When trying to export using the lottiefiles extension, I just get a static text - the animation isn’t exporting. Any ideas? Thx, Jannik

What kind of “swivel” animation are you trying to do? Is it with the “Enable Per-Character 3D” because if so the 3D part probably/likely won’t export. You can try BodyMovin, but hosting on Lottie won’t work.

Thx for getting back. I’m using swivel in “Basic 3D” effect. What I want to achieve is to 3D rotate an element/text around an axis (swing around). I think I found out that that effect is just not supported (as opposed to rotate, scale etc). That also seems to be the case with BodyMovin as far as I can tell.

@jannik Sorry to hear that. I learned a while back with this format it’s all about the basic movements. I’ve pushed it pretty far.

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