Some SVG not showing, but the contorn is there

Hello,first of allthank you for the work you are doing :slight_smile:

my problem is to know what parameters need to be set for the svg Illustrator exports to show at the Lottie editor.

I’ve tried all conbinations with no exit:
Css embedded + Svg font +Embedded images
Inline + SVG + keep images
Embedded CSS + SVG + Keep images

Any help will do.

Thanks a lot in advance

@happyroadgirl do you want to export as SVG and animate in AE (Adobe Illustrator to After Effect)? or Lottie Web Editor to just change the color of the animated elements/objects from Lottiefiles?

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Thanks a lot for the interest.

The trouble was choosing the correct png format to export froman old version of Illustrator. Finally, the SVG Tiny 1.2 profile worked good.

Happy week!

There is another method to import PNG, JPG or SVG files into AE, This method is using plugin called AEUX. You can download plug-in from here and install, which is free. And also you need to install Figma- a UI designing tool which is also free.

Import your assets just by drag and drop into Figma and the use of AEUX plug-in to send/export to AE. But it has some issues such as gradient, improper exported SVGs

Also you can think of a paid plug-in called Overload