Importing SVG to Lottiefiles and issues with text filling in

Very new to Lottiefiles and trying to upload an SVG logo to animate. When I do this the holes (counters) in the letters fill in. I have tried to save this SVG out a few different ways from illustrator but am still having the same issue. Any ideas?

Hello there. I’ll see if I can help. What do you mean “upload SVG to animate”? How are you trying to animate the SVG?

Apologies for the confusion. I’m attempting to upload an SVG logo file for animation purposes, but I’m encountering a problem where the ‘holes’ in the text are getting filled in. The text has been outlined in Illustrator.

Are you using after effects to animate it? Is your SVG logo an AI file type or is it SVG?

I had planned to animate it with Lottiefiles. It started as a logo in Figma that I exported as an SVG file. After opening it in Illustrator, I saved it in multiple SVG formats. However, when I uploaded it to the Lottiefiles stage, it appeared as though the holes were filled in!

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Alright thanks for help with answering my questions now I understand it better. I’ve never animated anything using LottieFiles, I only use After Effects. It sounds like the problem is happening once you import into LottieFiles. I’ll have to look into this further

@Keith It could just be a bug. I did a test using the Lottie Creator using the exact same letter as you, a B shape and noticed that the filled in parts are empty when exporting, they are only filled in while using the Lottie creator

Oh, strange! Thank you so much for lookining into that sir!

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No problem at all! I really enjoy trying to help others, it’s fun learning something new