Size Issues when inserting into code on website

I made my animation in AE. The problem is when I transfer it here then put the code into my website, the animation turns out so small. I have tried editing my comp sizes 500 million times. I have no clue where to go from here!

Hi ogdensv,

When using Lottie animations on websites/apps, the size of the animation is dependent on the player size, not really the composition size applied within AE. I think it works similar to videos, you can define the video sequence size but when implemented on websites, etc, it respects the player size.

In your case, it’s good to look at the size of the implementation on your website. You should be able to adjust with width/height.

If you get a flickering animation when viewed in Safari, try making sure the width/height ratio is the same as in the animation composition.

Hope this helps.

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