Is there a resolution limit?


I’m doing some tests and I’ve created a composition that is 1674x1073px in After Effects.

I imported an AI file and animated something on top of it.

This is the result:

Now I know quality is crap because I didn’t convert AI to AE shapes and text but I’m wondering why Lottie came out so small when source comp is over 1600px in width.

The animations always seem to show up small on the lottie site at the 100% zoom level, but you can zoom them to 200%

But… I also crop my comps to the bare minimum size before I turn them to a Lottie so that there isn’t any extra padding around them.

Another thing, I’ve been creating all of my content at 4K (AI, AE, Premiere) etc. because the Lotties I make are also being used in video so it just makes sense for me to make everything compatible long term.