Load speed is slow regardless of sizes

I’m having some trouble with an animation and the load time. Once the animation does a first loop it re-loops perfectly smooth but in the initial play-through it’s slow and choppy. I’ve resized my AE comp from 1080x1080 down to 300x300. I’ve compressed layers, replaced parts with flat PNGs etc. No matter what I change, scale down, etc. the animation still has the exact “hiccups” on initial load.

Normally I wouldn’t care but this is for a client and I would like to make sure that this loads perfectly the first time.

I think this is about animation keyframes. the keyframes need to be linear.

Hi all,
Does anyone else have this problem, or how have you solved? We’re getting ready to relaunch a huge website and including some lottie animation, but our Web Dev is indicating its going to have a negative impact on the page load for SEO. Any insight, would be greatly appreciated.

I haven’t gone back to the animation to check it and rework it. The second animation I just did was smooth and great.

Your web developer shouldn’t have any load problems that I know of. If it’s loading on the staging site then you’ll be fine. Every web dev is going to say “negative impact” but small lottie animations are quicker than embedded videos, gifs, etc.

You can PM me if you need more help.

Just for anyone checking this, I had to rebuild the animation and reduce the amount of layers in the project. So be aware of how many layers you have regardless of Comps and Parenting.