Programatically exporting a Lottie as gif or as a video asset

Hey everyone,

I’m wondering if there’s a way to programatically export a Lottie JSON into a gif or some other video asset. Pretty much exactly what the Lottie → Gif conversion tool does, except we don’t want to do this manually.

The idea is that we are dynamically modifying some of the JSON based on some input, and then we want to have it converted into a gif or some sort of a video asset as part of the flow. Does anyone know of a library or some way to achieve something like this?

EDIT: May have answered my own question. Considering we can select what kind of renderer we want to use like canvas or svg - I can probably get that converted. Exploring this now.


I mean, when you’re making the animation in AE just export a GIF via the ‘Media Encoder’

Thanks for the reply! Yes we are aware that we can just export a gif using AE, but that’s not what we are trying to achieve. We have created a Lottie file through AE that has an animation, and some placeholder text. That placeholder text is dynamically changed depending on input through our web app, which we then want exported into a gif afterwards. This saves us the efforts of always having to go back into the file in AE, manually updating the text, and then exporting it again. Hopefully that makes a bit more sense. Essentially we’re trying to streamline the process.

Hi @kennethchow74 I totally get what you’re trying to achieve… To have your animation behave like a mini template. Using one to create multiple variations.
I hope you’ve been able to achieve this and also would you mind sharing how, I’m equally interested to learn.
Thank you