Need help converting AE project to lottie JSON

Dear community,

Our cloud based video editor, supports graphics templates in the Lottie JSON format.

Now I have a few templates created by a prospect in AE that doesn’t make any sense when I try to export from AE to Lottie. They even don’t look right in the preview pane of the plugin itself.

If you have any ideas please advise. Much appreciated.

Warm regards,

Hi Helge,

They may actually need more prep in Illustrator before they will work as a Lottie file. Each animate-able piece needs to be broken out into its own layer, and groups behave very strangely in AE. This article is a really good source for proper file prep for animation: How to Prepare and Import Illustrator Files into After Effects for Animation

I hope that helps!

Best of luck,


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Hi, helge.

If you could share some screenshots of your projects or project itself - it would be much easier to make advises.