How to upload AE cc particle world to Lottie files

Hello, Everyone I’m facing a problem while exporting AE particles to Lottie files can anyone help me pls. I have created a Confetti animation in AE using CC Particle World but when I try to upload the animation on Lottie it doesn’t work. I know that Lottie does not Support Effects (Particles). But i have also seen animation with particles effects, so there is some way to do it can anyone help me Please. THANKS

I want to use this effect in my app for IOS & Android

Also please check this link: Confetti Partyyy!! on Lottiefiles. Free Lottie Animation
this effect is created by using particles effects

You can try using auto-trace (layer>auto-trace) to convert CC Particle World into keyframes and export it to lottie

but don’t be too greedy in amount of particles

Hi, Thomas thanks for reply
I did it, but it is a mask path when you fill the color using fill Effects it work for web but not for Android and iOS also the animation is quite laggy. I want a way to convert particles in Shape layer. Thanks