Where do I find the Lottie Animation URL after purchase?

Where do I find the Lottie Animation URL after i’ve purchase it? I only see the download option and I only need to Animation URL

Hi @robticknerme
Can you explain what do you mean by the animation URL? Are you referring to the oEmbed URL for the premium animation you’ve purchased?

As an example on a free animation you have the Lottie Animation URL which looks like this https://assets4.lottiefiles.com/private_files/lf30_t0igqye8.json So I’m looking how to find this with my purchase.

Hi Rob,

We don’t offer hotlinking or embedding the purchased animations directly. However, you can download the JSON file, re-upload it to Preview & Test Lottie Animations on Web, iOS and Android to get its private JSON file link to use on your own embeds.

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Oh great, I dumped the JSON file there and that is exactly what I needed. I also used Lottie on my own website https://www.socialspace.com.au/ + my clients sites. Thanks for your help!