Lotties flickering on mobile browsers only

Hi everyone,

I’ve been looking for this for a few days and can’t seem to find one. I’ve used Lotties on my SquareSpace site but am experiencing some issues with a few of them on mobile browsers (works fine on desktop browsers). The ones I have on loop play flawlessly, but the animations I’ve made in AE and have tied to scroll flicker on mobile browsers. These are PNG sequence exports in AE. Has anyone had a similar issue? My site is https://www.emporiaapp.com/ for reference, and the issue is with the three Lotties under ‘Mission.’

Would really appreciate some help if anyone has run into a similar issue!

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You ever find out the issue? How’s your other lotties work and not those?!

We are having issues with safari in general but you got your first lotties to work great in safari!

How so?! Any info super useful! Thanks!

Unfortunately not. =(

I suspect the issue is with how I’ve exported my Lotties. The ones that flicker are exported as MOV and then reimported to AE and exported again as an PNG sequence to JSON because certain elements used within those graph animations aren’t supported by reguarl Bodymovin export just yet.

It’s strange - I only see the flickering issue on mobile. We’re living with it for now. =/

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What are the animations that worked exported as? How do they work better? Just seeing if our animator can learn anything, maybe our export isn’t great…?

im getting the same problem on a site im working on simplyms.wpengine.com.

works perfectly on desktop and fails on iphone.

the dev site’s front end is password protected (simplyms / letmein) if you want to look at the homepage on mobile

anyone know why my animations are jumping about? thanks chris

This might or might not be relevant but are you using an updated Lottie Player?