Lottie animation not working on web site

Hi Guys

Im lost I have added a Lottie animation to my site but it is not showing with in the browser? I have tried this in Safari Chrome and Firefox.

I have added a screen shot of the code i have used and this also show that the preview in Dreamweaver shows the animation working. I have downloaded the .json file which can also bee shown in the file list to the right on the screen shot.

All i get in the browser is a yellow warning triangle. Can anyone help? Am I doing something wrong? Very confused…

Thanks Glen

Do you have a link to the site or the lottie file to ensure that it’s working?

It looks like it is working in my private files. I copied the share a private link here. https://lottiefiles.com/share/xfnhwi8b

That animation is “working” but I assume the M is supposed to have that wiggle animation come in but it’s not. Maybe take everything out of the PreComp

If that wiggle was made with “effect control” effect then it likely won’t work

Yes, the wiggle part wasn’t in there and I will try that work around. I still don’t know how to get rid of that UI for the player underneath the graphic. Do you know how to make the graphics show up without that progress bar underneath the graphic?

Thank you for your consistent help.

I looked at your website and the photos with the FX are really wonderful.