Animation Mobile Flickering

Hi there, we recently noticed, that our Animations are flickering only on Mobile. We use the Lotties in the header area. Desktop works super fine, but the first mobile load is very flickery. The second load is mostly fine then. Does anyone have any ideas on this?
Cheers, Karina

Do you have a link I can test with? Maybe a link to the site and to the lottie?

Yes, thank you:

Which animation are we referring to?

Basically all the header animations. You can find them on the homepage, an on the subpages:
Pos software, fiscal solution, mobile apps, erp, bi & services. The animated 3D illustrations right in top of the website

This is what I see on your link and the only thing animated are the two characters.

However on my end, mobile and desktop, I didn’t see any flickering. The 3D characters might do that because it was a PNG sequence and it might be a very large lottie to load on the initial pass.

Yes, the Animation is a autoplay animation and is only a small movement of the characters. It works very smoothly on Desktop, the main problem is on mobile. There the first load is always flickering, only the second load works okayish then. We already tried rendering with half the frames, but that didn’t do any good. You still think it’s because of bloat?

When I tested on my phone I didn’t see any flickering on load. After the site loads the animation is static until I reload it (chrome) and in safari it instantly loads without any delay or flickering.

I have experienced what you’re describing before and it was all based on the way it was made, too large, or too many layers, or too many png graphics.

Have you tried exporting with BodyMovin and attaching the PNG assets in there with some compression set?

Hey there, that worked for all of our Animations except for this one (the illustration in the header)

The Customer still reports flickering on mobile there, even though it was exported in the same way as the others.
Maybe you have another idea?
However, thank you very much, your solution worked on most of our animations!