LottieFiles app (iOS & Android) not receiving notifications

While using the LottieFiles extension for After Effects there is an option to send the animations to connected devices to test. It would work for awhile but up until recently it stopped working. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I deleted the extension and reinstalled it and the problem still persists. Anyone know why it stopped working?

Hey there. Sorry about the trouble. Could you share some device specifics so we could look into the issue? Do I understand correctly that you tried both iOS and Android?

Hi there,

Yes, I was able to send my animations from After Effects to the LottieFiles app on my Android Phone and my iPad. But at some point it stopped working. I even reinstalled the LottieFiles extension but still didn’t fix the problem. Though it’s not a huge issue, I can just click the “previews” button within the app. But I just want to find a reason why it stopped working. My device specifics are:

iPad 7th Gen

Android Phone
Android version 9