Lottie not playing on Wix

Hi all,
I have an issue after importing Lottie into Wix.
On Lottiefiles it works perfectly, but once I copied the URL into Wix, it stays static on the first frame.
On Wix, apparently it can play with Preview animation in Lottie settings, but once I close Lottie settings, it continues to stay static.
I did a site preview and even published it just in case, but it stays static throughout.
Anything I am doing wrong?
Thanks in advance forum.

Hi @Leong_Ding_Xiong Is this issue specific to a particular Lottie animation, or does it occur with any Lottie animation? If it’s isolated to one animation, can you please share the .json file?

Hi Haleeza,
Sorry for the late reply. Yes it happens to all my Lottie files, including the default animation before I even changed it to the links below.
I’m using the free version of Wix, so I’m not sure if that might be an issue.
I have tried on both Chrome and Brave so I don’t think it’s a browser issue.

The 2 .json files are below.


actually found the solution, instead pasting the link use the embeded code it will work , if u insist on changing the size just edit the code