Lottie animation cut out

I created a lottie animation in After Effects and exported with your plugin

uploaded, it works (change the background if you don’t see it)

I use it with the lottie player plugin in Gutenberg and works

while using Elementor Lottie widget has bugs
the letter S is cut etc. etc.

I contacted Elementor and they didn’t help me, they told the widget works properly and is my fault in design

how can I solve the bug?


here the uploaded animation on Lottie website

Did you convert the type into shape layers?

On the Elementor page it appears to me that there might be a layer mask issue cutting the S off as you mentioned. If you’re using inverted mats they might cause this.

No i inly used alpha matte

the strange thing is that the bug show up only using Elementor Lottie widget

But Elementor deny any bug and told me

- Check the art-board size: The size of the art-board in After Effects can affect how the animation is displayed in the final application. If the art-board is smaller than the animation itself, parts of the animation may be cut off when it is exported as a Lottie JSON file. To fix this, you can try increasing the size of the art-board and re-exporting the animation.
- Masking: If you have used masks to hide parts of the animation in After Effects, this can cause those parts to be cut off when the animation is exported as a Lottie JSON file. To fix this, you can try removing the masks in After Effects or adjusting the masking settings to ensure that all parts of the animation are visible in the final Lottie file.
- Scaling: If the Lottie animation is being displayed at a different size than the original After Effects composition, this can cause parts of the animation to be cut off. To fix this, you can try adjusting the scaling settings in the final application to ensure that the entire animation is visible.

that makes no sense to me

while when I use the same .json file in a custom html embed code, it works properly

Can you send the AE file to me or send me a screenshot of the layers setup?